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Mr Farid Moussa - CEO Modern Tours




 Modern Tours - Innovative Services Every Time.

Modern Tours was established in 1992 by a professional and a highly experienced team of tourism entrepreneurs with the objective of being the world-class marketing partner in the field of travel, tourism and events management.

Modern Tours is a gateway and intermediate between customers world wide, the Jordanian tour operators and the events management companies. Through integrating more than 40 years of experience in the tourism sector, with the proper innovative technology, we are committed and fully dedicated to offer our clients with an informative and user-friendly website, and a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective tourism and events management services.

Our Mission is to continuously enrich our products and services offerings to deliver the best overall value for our customers, and to keep them connected with the best travel services and destination information, enabling them to plan and book a broad range of of travel products. We utilize advanced business methods, high service standards and long years of business relations with our suppliers to accomplish that goal. Whether it is a leisure or corporate trip, a brand or new products launch or even an exhibition, Modern Tours offers outstanding services for a memorable experience.

Welcome to a new world of travel innovation.

Welcome to Modern Tours.